The BIOSINT project proposes activities grouped into five work packages that fully support general and specific objectives of the Erasmus+ program. It intends to improve education and development of students of biomedical sciences, as well as teachers and administrative staff of participating higher educational institutions (HEI). Through the implementation of education through internationalization at home (IaH) framework and strategies and internationalized curriculum (IoC) and syllabi, the intention is to strengthen digital capacities, literacy and competencies as well as intercultural skills and attitudes at individual and institutional levels. The specific objectives of the BIOSINT project are promotion of academic mobility of individuals and groups, high-quality learning outcomes for participants, cooperation, quality, inclusion, fairness, excellence, creativity and innovation in higher educational area.

The proposed project theme will be implemented by HEI from WB area (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania) whereas HEI from Belgium, Romania and Serbia will have advisory and transfer knowledge roles. The HEI of WB are insufficient with internationalization of curriculum, virtual mobility and services/capacities necessary for internationalization. Therefore, many impacts of project results are expected. The most valuable short-time changes are expected from students and teachers who will improve their digital literacy, cultural competency and readiness for future work in global health within “new normality” era of digital society during and after COVID-19 pandemic. The attraction of interested students, which attend HEIs which do not participate directly in the project, is important for achieving medium-term and, in particular, long-term project impacts. The project has ambition to raise lastingly the capacity of HEI of WB partners and professionalism and competence for management according to IaH and integrated virtual biomedical education strategies.