Work Packages No Title 2023/2024 2024/2025 2025/2026


Project management and quality architecture

T1.1 Kick off meeting, creation of project teams and adoption of implementation documents
T1.2 Establishing of the project organizational structure
T1.3 Organizing consortium meetings
T1.4 Development of project management and quality strategies
T1.5 Internal and external quality progress reporting
T1.6 Organization of external monitoring visit
T1.7 Organizing of reporting to EACEA
T1.8 Evaluation of meetings via survey
T1.9 Financial and administrative management


Research and needs analysis

T1.1 Analyse the situation of IaH in the EU
T2.2 Analyse the situation of IaH at WB partners
T2.3 Framework development for IaH at WB universities
T2.4 Organize trainings at EU partners


Development of appropriate system and protocol for IaH

T3.1 Develop strategies for IaH at WB HEIs
T3.2 Organize starting training for students and staff
T3.3 Develop digital support system and protocol for international students and staff
T3.4 Institutional trainings for internal and external stakeholders
T3.5 Pilot newly developed services and documents
T3.6 Evaluate of pilot activities


Internationalization of curriculum (IoC)

T4.1 Organize workshops for teaching staff related to IoC and development of intercultural competences
T4.2 Select courses for IoC and review current practices
T4.3 Establish models for connection with international students and staff (COIL/ CLIL/ TILT/ EMI)
T4.4 Develop new international virtual courses
T4.5 Strengthening of online teaching platform/ equipment – development international virtual classroom/td>
T4.6 Piloting courses for IoC/ COIL for virtual international courses
T4.7 Evaluation of pilot activities


Impact and dissemination

T5.1 Design and implementation of dissemination and exploitation plan
T5.2 Making tools for dissemination
T5.3 Raising awareness through info-days, symposia and conferences
T5.4 Preparation of the interim and final report on dissemination and exploitation activities
T5.5 Reporting on impact and sustainability